Earth Day is a global event that brings people together every year to celebrate. This year it happens on April 22, 2019.

PGW is committed to improving the environment every day.  Companywide, green initiatives continue to lower our energy use, improving the quality of life in Philadelphia and beyond.

kWh saved annually since converting to LED lighting

trees planted in Philadelphia through our partnerships with the Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Phillies, and Pennsylvania Horticultural Society .

tons of e-waste diverted from landfills since 2014.

Beyond our own impact, PGW continues to invest in helping our neighbors, with programs that improve efficiency and lower their bills.

PGW conservation programs have spent $51.7 million since 2011 to help nearly 19,000 low-income customers lower their energy usage.  

Estimated savings over the lifetime of the conservation measures are 12.9 BCF of natural gas, 114,000 mWh of electricity, and 27.8 million gallons of water. 

We also have awarded $8.9 million in rebates and grants to our customers to replace heating equipment.

These measures will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, over their lifetime, equivalent to 759,060 metric tons of CO2. That is equivalent to removing 161,159 vehicles off the road for a year.