Fires, flooding, and hurricanes can bring devastation – often with little warning.

Taking time to prepare can help keep your family safe when disasters or other emergencies strike. September is National Preparedness Month, where government agencies and businesses spotlight the importance of planning ahead for emergencies.


This year’s theme: “Prepared Not Scared. Be Ready for Disasters.”


One of the simplest things you can do is sign up for Ready Philadelphia alerts. To receive notices about emergencies or severe weather, simply go to There you can select the types of information you want delivered by text, email, or voicemail.


Here are some additional emergency preparedness tips:

  • Keep important documents – insurance, financial, health and legal paperwork – stored in a fireproof and waterproof box or safe.
  • Make sure you have cash available because ATMs may not be available if a disaster hits.
  • Develop a way to contact family members to let them know you’re safe.

Taking time to prepare before an emergency happens can ease your stress and worries as you recover.


For additional information on creating an emergency plan, go to