East Market is a new, mixed-use development reshaping Center City.

Developers National Real Estate Development LLC held a special event on Earth Day (April 22) to commemorate the property receiving LEED certification. This designation means the project is built to specific Green Building standards, which include natural gas appliances.

PGW awarded two new EnergySense grants, totaling $120,000, to National Real Estate for installation of high efficiency heat and hot water boilers, the use of enhanced insulation, energy efficient windows, and low-flow fixtures at East Market.

“More than 5,500 grants and rebates have been awarded through EnergySense,” said Florian Teme, Vice President of Marketing. “Those funds have helped Philadelphia to clean its air and boost its energy efficiency, and we’re not done yet. There are hundreds of thousands of dollars still available for residential and commercial customers. All you have to do to see if you qualify is contact us.”

EnergySense is the longest-running, voluntary demand-side management program for natural gas customers in Pennsylvania. Along with PGW’s other conservation and efficiency efforts, it has helped to reduce natural gas consumption in the City by 12.9 billion cubic feet since 2011.

PGW continues to team up with architects, engineers and builders so more businesses and residents have access to reliable, affordable, and clean natural gas.