Here at PGW, we’re committed to our role as a leader in corporate sustainability.

We recognize that it’s fundamental to our daily operations, and equally important to the community we serve. That’s why we’re pleased to share that PGW has been named a 2019 Environmental Champion by a new Cogent Reports study.

The study surveyed utility customers served by 140 electric, natural gas and combination utilities over 12 months and scored the utilities on an Environmental Dedication index. Environmental Champion utilities are rated for their environmental commitment, support of environmental causes and aiding customers to become more environmentally friendly.

Out of the 140 utilities surveyed, only 29 received this title.

“PGW works to improve our environmental footprint every day,” said PGW President and CEO Craig White. “We want to ensure that our customers can continue to feel good about using the natural gas we deliver.”

This is the second consecutive year that PGW has received this honor. Thank you to customers like you for helping us become Philadelphia’s essential green utility for the second year in a row.