PGW and the Philadelphia Phillies wrapped another year as partners   in the Home Runs for Trees Program. To finish out the season, PGW and the Phillies invited Kensington High School Senior Jean Vargas to throw out the first pitch on Sunday, September 29 against the Miami Marlins. Vargas is an infielder and pitcher for Kensington, receiving First-Team All Public League honors last season.

PGW joined forces with Kensington High School – over the last four years through the Urban League of Philadelphia’s Adopt-A-School Program – which focuses on mentoring and career preparation.

If you’ve been keeping score, you know that PGW will plant 215 trees in local parks, neighborhoods and watershed areas as part of the Home Runs for Trees Program. We’re also proud to plant educational seeds to help students graduate from high school and enroll in post-secondary education or trades.