An initial analysis of PGW’s economic impact on the Philadelphia region indicates that it continues to be a significant positive economic driver for the City it serves. While that economic impact extends beyond the county borders, it is concentrated right here in Philadelphia.

In fact, a preliminary study says that every $1 paid for natural gas services by PGW customers generates around $1.5 in local economic activity. That means that the impact of PGW on the Philadelphia economy is greater than the total of its spending on payroll, goods, services and other direct costs. And it puts around a billion dollars into the region, every year.

How does that happen? Well, every dollar PGW spends is spent again by its recipient, including the many local and regional businesses we contract with.

That same principle applies to local employers, like PGW. We continue to be a significant local employer, with 1,600 workers who hold family-supporting jobs right here in our City. These dedicated men and women staff our six customer service centers, run both natural gas plants and maintain the safe and reliable flow of natural gas through 6,000 miles of pipe – and they buy homes here; they pay taxes and send their kids to school here; and they get their groceries and all the other services they need, right here.

“PGW is a highly valuable City asset and drives economic growth throughout the City and the region,” said PGW spokesperson Barry O’Sullivan. “Our focus has always been on empowering the success of Philadelphia. We do that by improving the quality of life in our community and by creating new opportunities for businesses to succeed. This preliminary result is very exciting, and we look forward to sharing the completed analysis.”

Our study is ongoing, and we’re looking now at indirect and other economic impacts. For instance, we know that over 25,000 businesses in the City use natural gas.

Calculating how much of their impact is influenced by PGW is our next step. When the work is complete, we look forward to sharing it with you.