Warmer weather means longer days, and new opportunities to save both energy and money in your home or office. Consider adding these ideas to your spring routine!

Let fresh air in – Open your windows. This creates a cross-breeze bringing a natural cool throughout your home without switching on your air conditioner.

Open the blinds – During the daytime, turn off any unnecessary lamps or lights and rely on the sunlight to heat and brighten the room.

Caulk – Caulking is valuable during any season. Use it to close air leaks and openings in your home to keep warm air outside.

Close vents – Keep doors and vents closed in rooms not in use.

Full loads – Wait to use your washer and dishwasher only when it’s full. Consider air drying dishes and clothing for even more savings.

Barbecue – Cooking outside on a grill eliminates excess heat from your oven or stove.