For companies like Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) and Aria Torresdale Hospital losing power is not an option. Patients require round-the- clock care, which is why vital medical facilities like these want an energy partner that maximizes reliability and resiliency, that appreciates their critical mission, and that delivers cost-effective heat and power in an environmentally considerate way.

Add in the expertise to work collaboratively on custom energy solutions, and the ability to support projects end-to- end and you can see why both CTCA and Aria Torresdale chose Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) when they looked to maximize operational savings, while ensuring that their service would not be interrupted.

“CTCA is excited to become operationally energy efficient and to be utilizing clean burning natural gas to run its facility,” said CTCA’s Vice President of Operations and Business Development Jeff Ryan. By partnering with CTCA and Aria Torresdale, PGW is seeing to it that we maintain our status as a competitive, safe utility while also enhancing revenue and driving a green economy.

Not only are CTCA and Aria Torresdale satisfied and enthusiastic natural gas customers, both facilities are benefiting from Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technology that uses natural gas to generate electricity on-site – which can be up to 50 percent more efficient, when compared to receiving electricity from the grid.

Getting the most out of advanced technologies like CHP is a complex and intricate task, which can take years to complete. From assessing the customer’s needs to designing a custom solution, achieving success requires the collaborative work of a committed team of experts. PGW’s success in bringing these energy solutions to market means that we can continue to build on these successful projects as we continue to grow our company and pursue new opportunities. That means new customers for PGW, and a better, more cost-effective and more reliable energy choice for Philadelphia’s homes and businesses.